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On April 20th, Alex Shatilov became the first Israeli to ever win the European Men's Artistic Gymnastic Individual Championship.

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Started watching these the other day, I am really enjoying it. I didn't realize basketball was so big in Israel.

Israel is not only a free nation, but arguably one of the most democratic nations in the world with its liberties and equality. Israel is not just the Holy Land, but the Land of Freedom as well.

Yet another confirmation that yes, Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, but it is also a multicultural state that supports and recognizes all faiths and ethnicities.

Who would have guessed that the land of falafel and hummus is now the land of sushi?

Yes, not only is Israel unique in the Middle East for this but also the head of the hospital who we see in the video, Dr. Barhoum, is a proud Israeli Arab Christian who embodies the Israeli spirit and get it done attitude.
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Will you be going to Brazil if Israel qualifies to compete for the 2014 FIFA World Cup?